Real Talk: I Take It Back, I own as well numerous Bags

The other day I was wandering the home searching for a particular item, a card case, as well as I might not discover it. I searched high as well as low, desperately trying to keep in mind where I last had it. as well as then it hit me: Millie saw it in my wardrobe as well as was holding it a few months ago, I keep in mind telling her to put it down as well as I keep in mind her stating “I put it in this bag mama”. issue was, I don’t keep in mind which bag she put it in. This card situation has a gift card I have to utilize before it expires, as well as the concept of actually throwing away money truly irks me, so this began my探す。

I went into my closet, as well as discovered myself with a issue I utilized to insurance claim didn’t effect me: I own as well numerous bags. I started to look, as well as I ended up being progressively frustrated. I might not discover this card case, as well as I kept pulling much more of the lower bags off the shelf. My wardrobe isn’t an Instagram cloffice (seriously, that’s a thing – a space turned into a wardrobe office), it’s a wardrobe that I try to keep neat however numerous times stop working as well as things don’t always stay in their idealスペース。 since I have as well numerous bags, a few of my shelves have bags stacked on top of one another, in a method that no matter exactly how much I try to neat up looks sloppy.

What it comes down to is not that my wardrobe is as well small, however that I own as well numerous bags. as well as if you checked out our site as well as were reading last year, you’re going to pause as well as state ‘wait, didn’t she tell us she’ll never part with any type of of her bags?’. Why yes, indeed I did. I shared a piece titled I have as well numerous Bags, as well as I decline To part With any type of of Them. however I’ve altered my mind.

You see I felt that method last year before our child was born. We were a household of 3 as well as I discovered my groove as a mom. I was just getting the hang of managing my work life, mother life, as well as even starting to lastly discover time for a bit of personal life as well. then I had Vaughn, as well as my life was turned upside down again. having two youngsters has been one of the most amazing as well as difficult times in my life. I am continuously attempting to balance everything, generally failing at it, as well as trying to discover footing to be the very best mother I can be while likewise continuing to feed my innovative side with our work.

One thing that I have discovered much more of in this is my requirement for less clutter as well as much more organization. We are continuously purging toys, kid’s clothing, as well as just ‘stuff’. It’s astounding exactly how much stuff we accumulate. I have worked difficult to keep the things that matter as well as state bye to the things that I no longer have utilize for. For the longest time (over 10 years now), I have stated that I would never part with my bags, however I’ve altered my mind. phone call me a flip-flopper, a hypocrite, off my rocker, however whatever it is the reality stays that I own method as well numerous bags.

Now, let me preface this by stating I am not wanting to part with almost any type of of my nicer bags – as well as I still have a great deal of designer bags I decline to part with. however I have amassed a big amount of contemporary bags. It doesn’t imply these bags don’t still hold a special location in my heart, however I really have not utilized them in years. It’s difficult sufficient for me to modification out my bag as it is (which is something I’d truly like to begin as a difficulty as well as have you all join me if you’d like). since of that, I will bring the exact same bag for weeks at a time, as well as since of that my preferred bags are getting less utilize as well as a few of the others are simply sitting collecting dust.

My bag collection is one that brings me delight since it’s such a big part of my life. Yet, I’ve chose something that I utilized to state would never happen: it’s time to let go of some bags that no longer work for me. I started to kind with my collection as well as have discovered so numerous bags that I did when love, as well as I did when use, that no longer serve a function for me. It’s something that still puts a smile on my deal with as well as I have fond memories, however I’ve come to terms with understanding that I can hold onto memories without holding onto the products themselves.

In my original post, I got numerous comments in support of keeping my bags as well as others stating it sounded like I had hoarder tendencies. While I am not a hoarder, I am somebody who kept every single bag I’ve amassed throughout my time running our site. I liked that each had a special memory, however I no longer have area or want for products that I won’t utilize just to state that I have them. Plus, I discover a disorganizedクローゼット/家は、あなたが本当に利用したい製品を発見することを難しくしています。


この10年を少なく始めたいと思います。管理することが少なく、追いつくことが少ないだけでなく、どこに行くべきかを選択しようとするときに懸念を感じないように、きちんとした状態に保つことができる家。ああ、そのカードケースと同様に、ミリーは私のためにそれを見つけました – 8年前に私が利用した古いマークジェイコブスバッグのポケットに滑り込んだ。それは私にとってとてもa-haの瞬間でした。彼らが言うように、それは古いものと、新しい – 新しいバッグと同様に、私がポジティブにすることになります。

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